#FideLeon Lune De Miel // Part 08 - Day Trippin' to the Snow-capped Swiss Alps, Mount Tiltis!

Friday, March 13, 2015


Wheeee this is part 08 of #FideLeonLuneDeMiel! :)

Part 01 [London] - Village East, Christmas Markets,  Circus at Winter Wonderland
Part 02 [London] - Drugstore beauty hauls, National History Museum
 Part 03 [London] - Road Tripping to The Cotswold, South Central England
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Part 05 [London] - Blenheim Place, Woodstock + Brand shopping at Bicester Village
 Part 06 [London] - Portobello Market + Covent Garden!

Part 07 [Zurich] - Awesome apartment in Zurich. 

 ★ VLOG Part 8 - Day Trippin' to the Snow-capped Swiss Alps, Mount Tiltis

This is.. simply amazing. Watch the Vlog above
I think this is one of my favorite day out on #FideLeonLuneDeMiel.

On route to Lucerne and then to Mount Tiltis:

Stopped by Lucerne to check out the Lion Monument, which was carved out of MARBLE! 
Grabbed a delicious sandwich for lunch at the local cafe and were on our way to the Swiss Alps~

LOL!! Look at the dude behind!! I was like wtf is that his HAIR or his BEANIE? 
So freaking funny I was trying to not laugh so hard, we were trying to take a photo of him inconspicuously so we don't seem rude thus Leon's head in it.

At the beer hall at Zurich HB for dinner tonight! So cheery with the live music and lotsa people getting tipsy on fabulous #Zurich beer!

Gimme more #Zurich beer(s)! CHEERS!! Loving the beers here cos they're all so light but yummy it's like drinking water but getting a buzz outta it LOL I know leon already looks drunk even before we've started.

Look at my smug ass face after downing 7 glasses of beer! Hahaha ok I didn't actually finish them all by myself.. but pretty much all la hahaha

Look at what we came home to last night! Pinky + Joey getting cozy and snuggling in one pod awwww!!

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick. 

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